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Key Features and Benefits of CodeIgniter framework

The key advantages Codeigniter holds with its dynamic nature has developed an immense amount of interest among the PHP web engineers these days. It is one of most well-known and lithe open source PHP structure which helps the developers create strong web applications in the PHP web development arena.

Any web applications created in view of CodeIgniter system performs quicker operations successfully. It helps the software engineers to fabricate dynamic and custom web applications with a propelled innovation stage by offering important arrangement of angles to compose code without any preparation.

Let us look at the key features and benefits Codeigniter framework holds which makes it stand out amongst other frameworks present in the market currently.

Important Features

Demonstrate View-Controller Based System

CodeIgniter utilizes the MVC Framework to discover complex models. It thus helps the Codeigniter developer build applications effortlessly by utilizing views and controllers. It also helps the designer to assemble core libraries for the framework and empowers them to incorporate their own current scripts with the database.

Form Validation

This component helps you to compose the code in a solitary line by utilizing compelling the effective structured framework. It creates codes with no mistakes and guarantees different control structures to be put inside the HTML form.

Error Handling

The application can be scanned globally for any errors with its easy to understand interfaces. Along these lines of approach, it gives directions to error logging class that permits investigating messages to be spared as text files. It shows all PHP blunders in your web application without missing insufficiency.

Customization and Configuration

This angle helps the Codeigniter developer to make what they must create considering the web applications. You can alter the current records in CodeIgniter effortlessly and it doesn’t confound apprentices to build up another file. Furthermore, arrangement and adaptation of the documents is simple in this system.


Designers can oversee database pattern refreshes crosswise over different web application fields effortlessly with aides of the relocation viewpoint. Migration starting with one server onto the next server is straightforward and totally bother free in CodeIgniter.

Advantages or Advantages of CodeIgniter

The key advantages of the CodeIgniter framework can be listed as below:

  • It aids networks engineers to discover the code errors in programming codes and repair the issues in a split second with in the web applications.

  • Web engineers can make utilization of this effective structure to modify the configuration files with least efforts and it gives bother free movement from source to destination service hosting.

  • It gives you an easy to use interface that help designers to make a dynamic, adaptable, secure and vast web application viably in a limited ability within stipulated timeframe.

  • Developers can make web applications with extra elements and top of the line functionalities by utilizing as a part of constructed asset and libraries of the CodeIgniter.

  • The system helps the developer to make both front-end and backside of a web application viably and effectively in a secured way.

CodeIgniter is one of a kind among numerous PHP structures and its elements and benefits guarantee high usefulness, better execution and world-class quality. This system is truly extraordinary for web designers to complete some minor issues like in any available framework.

by Vishal S March 24, 2017 

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