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Codeigniter is a universally acclaimed the most trustworthy PHP-framework for building innovative, artistic and the beautiful websites, web apps, and eCommerce stores. The principal attribute is the versatility of CodeIgniter that makes this it a popular choice among the developer community.

Simultaneously, CodeIgniter at the core is lightweight and enhanced with a compelling set of libraries that make it an excellent framework for overall business application development.

For business people helping themselves with enterprise app development can surely rely on CodeIgniter and avail the best features of this PHP Framework. Here are some features that get CodeIgniter high praise as a business application development platform –


CI surpass as an excellent framework for business application development as it avails the benefit of simplicity. CI is easy to grasp and learn, which helps developers as they can quickly attain competence at the new libraries while integrating them into the enterprise app or website.

In the form of tutorials, reference documentation, and how-to guides one can get ample amount of help resources for CodeIgniter. Furthermore, developers can as per requirement customize the framework to satisfy the client’s need and then build a website that gets an amazing and efficient reputability to the business in the digital world.


For any business that ventures online views and holds security as the most crucial aspect of the development as it involves the sharing of confidential customer data. Codeigniter, as the PHP framework, has powerful security features that overall makes up for the secure web app development.

With the cookie encryption & decryption feature, CodeIgniter developer can boost the stability of a website to a notable amount.


By preferring CodeIgniter over other frameworks, developers get simple solutions for the intricacies associated with the development of multi-functional eCommerce website.

Standard coding rules do not limit CodeIgniter developers. Instead, they have the versatility to use their own coding customs to develop sites that suffice the business application requirements.

Needless of any Installation

Another feature that sums up CodeIgniter ideal for business app development is that it does not need to be installed like other alike frameworks.

Just by uploading the files to the directory, developers can start working with the framework. Notably, the configuration process is bother-free, including the models that just needs to be inserted in a folder called “models.”

Efficient Error Handling

Codeigniter clarifies the error handling task as it avails and benefits various error handling methods. Just with a single line code, all the errors would appear on the screen. As error detection is so manageable, they can be easily fixed with excellent quickness and sharpness.

MVC Architecture

CodeIgniter is based on Model-View-Controller i.e. MVC architecture. In this composition, the model represents the data structure; the view handles user-interface display and controller looks for all the requests.

While connecting the front-end to the back-end MVC keeps them separate too. This attribute of CI makes the code readable and recognizable, simplifying the overall development process. Another attribute of MVC architecture that benefits the framework is the speed.

Active & Dedicated Community

Codeigniter has the support of the vast user base who collectively contribute for active community support, further, making an issue or query easily resolvable for the developers that face them during the process of web development.

Community support also contributes comprehensive documentation that appears to the rescue of developers when facing an issue.


CodeIgniter with such excellent features and functionalities, emerges as an ideal choice for the development of the business applications. With this framework, one can avail benefits of speedy, and dynamic business app development.
A business should hire Codeigniter developers who are experts and understand their project need and deliver a solution that matches to their expectation.