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One of the most popular PHP frameworks currently around is CodeIgniter. A lot of PHP developers consider CodeIgniter as one of the best frameworks for small as well as large-scale enterprise projects. CodeIgniter uses Model-View-Controller Architectural design pattern, and because of its simple configuration and flexibility, the framework absolutely works wonder for anyone who plans a business web application.
Codeigniter has some excellent features that the blog post details below.

Need of a Framework

The need of the time for any enterprise is to have an application which is cleanly coded, robust, performs high, agile and is easy to maintain. For that, it is needed to analysis a lot, and intensive design and development tasks come in the first phase. Fortunately, with a framework, a lot of these tasks are previously done so you can focus more on application development.
Almost all the PHP frameworks support the MVC model, have a plenty of libraries and utilities, good file organization, are well secured, have performance abilities e.g. benchmarking and caching and many more impressive features. CodeIgniter comes with all the above-specified features which are discussed in detail below.

MVC pattern

CodeIgniter is based on the Model-View-Controller model which is the most used structural design pattern in the web application. By installing the popular CodeIgniter HMVC Extension, it can also be turned into holding the more advanced HMVC – Hierarchical Model View Controller design.

Excellent Documentation

Rightly said that poor documentation ruins a good product. The PHP framework – CodeIgniter comes with an excellent well-detailed documentation that leads you from the beginning levels of understanding the basics to a thorough reference for each class, driver, and helper provided with simple cases.


While being clueless at something with CodeIgniter, just don’t panic when you don’t get the solution in the documentation. The community of developers is full of CodeIgniter experts who are readily available for your help. You may even see that someone might have faced the same issue as yours, and already your solution would be listed.


Performance is a major affair for any web developer, and CodeIgniter is optimized so that it boost the overall code performance. Furthermore, it includes an amazing caching class that you should review and apply.


The PHP Framework CodeIgniter comes with a broad variety of helper functions that were built to helps you code cleaner and saves time and effort doing tasks repetitive times. For instance, in the CodeIgniter documentation section, you can check for form, form validation, array, path, security and much more.


Codeigniter is simply incredible in several ways, providing a rich documentation and impressive set of features. You can too for your IT business solutions, hire Codeigniter developers as it makes the tasks of development simpler than ever. As Codeigniter framework enhances the performance of web developers, they prefer to use for web development projects rather than going for custom PHP development.