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CodeIgniter is a standout amongst the most prominent PHP structures currently available in the market. It utilizes the Model-View-Controller Architectural outline example and is considered by loads of PHP designers as one of the best structure answer for little to medium tasks. It has some awesome components that we will discuss about in this article. Its flexibility and easy configuration eases the development process. Thus, hiring a CodeIgniter Developer adds an extra edge when it comes to a quality project.

Near To Zero Configuration

On the off chance that you will begin another venture with custom PHP, you clearly need to set and gather couple of records to get this going; namely the database and a few design documents. Generally, engineers need to compose everything from scratch. We see a lot of PHP functions and database queries used in the files directly.
We don’t need to worry in Codeigniter over such configurations and classes. Just download the latest version zip with application, system and user guide folder. The database.php and config.php files help you set up the database and configurations respectively.

MVC Pattern

CodeIgniter utilizes Model-View-Controller design which is the most utilized one in web application. It can likewise be transformed into supporting the more progressed Hierarchical Model View Controller(HMVC) design by introducing the mainstream CodeIgniter HMVC Extension.


Formidable Documentation

Terrible documentation can destroy a good product undoubtedly. However, CodeIgniter has an extraordinary and a very much nitty gritty documentation record that begins from the primary strides of knowing the fundamentals about the structure to a full reference for each class, driver and helper with significant cases.

No conflicts in PHP Version

Everything is open and used in Custom PHP Development. So, it’s difficult to change old functions in several files. However, in a framework, we don’t need to stress over PHP Version conflicts. Since each function comes in wrapper, a designer ought not be stressed over settling such issue as a newer version will have that fixed.

No Conflict

Lesser Code Duplication

Custom PHP Development involves writing a code function in either pages or adding them to a class. Hence, code duplication is generally observed where the same chunk of code is written at different places. Codeigniter however develops a habit of writing functions in Models and not pages within CodeIgniter Web Developer.

Code is not messed

The code Module can be divided into views, models and controllers. Thus, it becomes easier for more than one developer to work simultaneously on the code base and smooth execution of the project.

Impressive Online Community

A hyper active and efficient community responds to all the queries within minutes. Additionally, Codeigniter Developer ​also gets access to a few Premium Scripts which saves the coding time and effort. Plugins and libraries can be downloaded and used from Codeigniter Wiki Page.


An awesome caching class helps boost the overall performance which has been the cause of worry for many developers since long.

Easy Error Handling

Standard Error Handling technique helps you fix bugs and code errors more efficiently when compared to custom PHP development. Thus, error handling becomes transparent and easy when you hire Codeigniter Developer.

Encryption and Security

Built-in classes and libraries help attain site security against SQL Injections and XSRF/CSRF attacks. Codeigniter’s libraries do the job in a few easy steps for Codeigniter Web Developer.