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Why Choose CodeIgniter For Dynamic Web Application Development?

PHP frameworks greatly simplify the task of web developers with the convenient options they provide for dynamic website and web applications development. By using Frameworks, web developers can easily organize the process of web development. Further, the existing code can be reused, which saves a lot of development time and efforts.

Developers these days are using several PHP frameworks to create web apps and websites.

Among these frameworks, few are well-defined and fully-featured that PHP developers across the globe use widely for dynamic web app development. One such is CodeIgniter which is powerful, elegant and considered as the most popular PHP framework. CodeIgniter development is beneficial for businesses as it’s a remarkable technology that helps them stay ahead in the competitive market.

CodeIgniter offers several benefits for businesses, which makes it a popular choice for dynamic web app development.

Ease of Use:

CodeIgniter is easy to learn, install and use for dynamic web app development. It can be easily managed and customized as per the specific development requirement. Much of the coding efforts of developers get reduced as CodeIgniter supports a plenty of libraries and controllers. Also with CodeIgniter one can effortlessly migrate website or the web application from one server to another.


CodeIgniter, as it is based on MVC architecture, provides a higher level of flexibility to include the changes in the web application in the prospective time. Also, with CodeIgniter, developers can simply perform resource management.

Data Validation:

When involving models, data validation holds a significant value in the CodeIgniter web development process. Validation class in CodeIgniter defines the objects that are to be validated.

Customized and Simplified Configuration:

It’s easy to customize and configure files with CodeIgniter, which lets developers focus more on their major development tasks without wasting much on customizing or configuration issues.


CodeIgniter framework is simple and easy to use with a plenty of libraries and controllers. A major share of the developer’s task can be performed using these libraries and controllers.

Rich Documentation:

CodeIgniter avails proper documentation as user guide which simplifies the task of the developers. With the proper rich documentation, CodeIgniter developers do not have to devote much their time to understand it.

Easy Handling:

With Codeigniter as the framework for dynamic web app development, changes for any new functionality is easy to handle. New changes or additions in any way in CodeIgniter do not disrupt the functioning of the existing system. Therefore, handling CodeIgniter is really easy.

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by Vishal R September 6, 2017 

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